Retain Uploaded Image when Editing a Record in Ruby on Rails

Aug 07, 2020 by ohiodn8

This is a code snippet for a form upload in ruby on rails, to retain an uploaded image in ruby on rails ==>

    <% if blog.image.present? %> 
      <%= form.file_field :image %>
      <%= image_tag form.object.image, width: "100px" %>    
    <% else %>
      <%= form.file_field :image %>
    <% end %>

The Record here is "blog" => [blog model]

And the field is "image"

The "show page output" would look like ==> @blog.image ==> 

<%= image_tag @blog.image %>  


If in the code above <% if blog.image.present? %>   doesn't work for you, then try <% if blog.image.exists? %> 

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