Search in Ruby on Rails app with Ransack

Jan 23, 2018 by ohiodn8

This is a tutorial on setting up a search field/form in your rails app. This tutorial assumes that you already have a rails app with a post and category model (associated together). To get to this point, you'll find a link below to help you with getting to this point. Let's get started =>

In gemfile =>
gem 'ransack'

In application_controller.rb =>

before_action :site_search    
  def site_search
    @q = Post.ransack(params[:q])
    @q_posts = @q.result.order("created_at DESC").includes(:category)


In posts_controller.rb =>

  def index
    @q = Post.ransack(params[:q])
    @posts = @q.result.order("created_at DESC").includes(:category) 

In Layouts/application.html.erb (or posts index.html.erb) =>

 <%= search_form_for @q do |f| %>
      <%= f.search_field :title_or_body_or_category_title_cont, class: 'form-control', placeholder: 'Search' %>
        <%= f.submit 'search', class: 'btn btn-default' %>      
    <% end %>

Link to: Rails Post app with Category association                                                                             Photo by: unsplash-logo Kyle Popineau

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