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Jan 06, 2018 by Admin

Trailblazing is a tool that let's you save blogs, links and notes. As a developer, when working on old and new projects, you learn new skills, and the best way to keep track and build these skills is to have a proper documentation of how you implemented the skills; That's what Trailblazing is.

You can save your documentation in form of blogs, links and notes. Saving it on trailblazing means its available to others (except for your notes that is only availble to you, except you share), and they can learn from you too. You can share your posts to many of the social platforms by clicking the share icon on the post page.

A Portfolio for you...

Creating an account on trailblazing let's you have a portfolio that will display your skills as well as your created posts. Just take trailblazing as the middleman that broadcasts your skills, your projects, your external links and your posts. To make this happen, you'll have to include your portfolio link on your resume/social platforms (e.g. LinkedIn...)

The engine that serves you trailblazing...

Trailblazing is a web application built on the Ruby on Rails web framework. It comprises of some models nested and associated together while there are some stand alones. Some interesting javascript library are also used in this application. The application is monitored with some interesting tools on the server; tools checking for security vulnerabilities, creating server logs, database logs, send alerts, ...

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What type of tools do you use to check for security vulnerabilities? I'm looking to try new ones for my personal project...

over 4 years ago by ohiodn8