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Jmeter Distributed Load Test Setup for Jenkins Job

jmeter, jenkins

1. Download and unzip a copy of jmeter from their site:

Jmeter with Jenkins Example

jmeter, jenkins

In your jenkins freestyle project, go to configure and go to the "Build" steps.


Retain Uploaded Image when Editing a Record in Ruby on Rails


This is a code snippet for a form upload in ruby on rails, to retain an uploaded image in ruby on rails ==>

    <% if blog.image.present? %> 
      <%= form.file_fiel...

How to fix CIFS Mount Error: wrong fs type, bad option, b...

mount, linux, cifs, servers

When trying to mount a cif mount to a linux server (in this case RedHat or CentOS), and you come up with this error: wrong ...

Deploying Rails App to EC2 Instance With Capistrano Using...

capistrano, deployment, rubyonrails

Hello! I thought I'd pull out one of my old blog post and share with you on Trailblazing. This tutorial was done on the <...

Building a Rails app with an Association


In this tutorial, we will be building a rails web app named blaze. The application will be able to create posts and have an association to category. Its a short tutorial that is a starting point...

CI/CD with Jenkins and Ruby on Rails

test, jenkins, rubyonrails

Hello again! In this tutorial we're going to set up a continuous integration infrastructure for a Ruby on Rails ...

Consuming API with jQuery on PhoneGap

API, web, mobile, Jquery, HTML, PhoneGap

Hello, hope you enjoyed the part 1 of consuming API. You may not be interested in using NodeJS – Express (if you’re not yet famil...

Consuming API from a NodeJS – Express application

NodeJS, Express, API, web

Hello, this is the part 1 tutorial on consuming API. We will be consuming the API from a NodeJS application running with Express.

This tu...

DevOps tool mapping with XebiaLabs


A graphical list of my DevOps tools using XebiaLabs.

Rspec test for passing validation in post (sample app)

test, rubyonrails

rails new malboro


  gem "rspec-rails"    
  gem "guard-rspec"

CMD ==>>

bundle install
rails g scaffold post title:string body:tex...

Search in Ruby on Rails app with Ransack


This is a tutorial on setting up a search field/form in your rails app. This tutorial assumes that you already have a rails app with a post and category model (...

Documentation in Rails with sdoc


In Gemfile =>

gem 'sdoc'

Then run (via cmd) =>

sdoc -o doc/rails_app

Just that is fine,...

PhoneGap Game with Javascript

PhoneGap, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mobile, web

Hello, this is a tutorial/guide to building a  simple (flip&match) mobile game with phonegap.

Get System Info via cmd and Power Shell

Windows, CMD

This is a short post on how to get your systems info on Windows via the Command line/Power Shell =>


This will work on the commandline ...

Rails Callback

backend, rubyonrails

Quick scenario for the project: you're trying to create a rails application with users that have a portfolio (f...

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