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Jmeter Distributed Load Test Setup for Jenkins Job

jmeter, jenkins

1. Download and unzip a copy of jmeter from their site:

Jmeter with Jenkins Example

jmeter, jenkins

In your jenkins freestyle project, go to configure and go to the "Build" steps.


Retain Uploaded Image when Editing a Record in Ruby on Rails


This is a code snippet for a form upload in ruby on rails, to retain an uploaded image in ruby on rails ==>

    <% if blog.image.present? %> 
      <%= form.file_fiel...

How to fix CIFS Mount Error: wrong fs type, bad option, b...

mount, linux, cifs, servers

When trying to mount a cif mount to a linux server (in this case RedHat or CentOS), and you come up with this error: wrong ...

Deploying Rails App to EC2 Instance With Capistrano Using...

capistrano, deployment, rubyonrails

Hello! I thought I'd pull out one of my old blog post and share with you on Trailblazing. This tutorial was done on the <...

Building a Rails app with an Association


In this tutorial, we will be building a rails web app named blaze. The application will be able to create posts and have an association to category. Its a short tutorial that is a starting point...

CI/CD with Jenkins and Ruby on Rails

rubyonrails, test, jenkins

Hello again! In this tutorial we're going to set up a continuous integration infrastructure for a Ruby on Rails ...

How to create a new role in Solidus or Spree

rubyonrails, solidus, spree

In this tutorial we will be adding a new role to a solidus project. At the moment my project is built on the solidus gem, but then, the solidus gem is built on spree. So, this tutorial will work...

Consuming API with jQuery on PhoneGap

API, web, mobile, Jquery, HTML, PhoneGap

Hello, hope you enjoyed the part 1 of consuming API. You may not be interested in using NodeJS – Express (if you’re not yet famil...

Consuming API from a NodeJS – Express application

NodeJS, Express, API, web

Hello, this is the part 1 tutorial on consuming API. We will be consuming the API from a NodeJS application running with Express.

This tu...

DevOps tool mapping with XebiaLabs


A graphical list of my DevOps tools using XebiaLabs.

Rspec test for passing validation in post (sample app)

rubyonrails, test

rails new malboro


  gem "rspec-rails"    
  gem "guard-rspec"

CMD ==>>

bundle install
rails g scaffold post title:string body:tex...

Search in Ruby on Rails app with Ransack


This is a tutorial on setting up a search field/form in your rails app. This tutorial assumes that you already have a rails app with a post and category model (...

Documentation in Rails with sdoc


In Gemfile =>

gem 'sdoc'

Then run (via cmd) =>

sdoc -o doc/rails_app

Just that is fine,...

PhoneGap Game with Javascript

PhoneGap, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mobile, web

Hello, this is a tutorial/guide to building a  simple (flip&match) mobile game with phonegap.

Get System Info via cmd and Power Shell

Windows, CMD

This is a short post on how to get your systems info on Windows via the Command line/Power Shell =>


This will work on the commandline ...

Rails Callback

backend, rubyonrails

Quick scenario for the project: you're trying to create a rails application with users that have a portfolio (f...

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